End of year Schedule:
5-21 Gardening with Ms. Penn
5-23 Gardening with Ms. Penn
5-25 Grandparents Day Performance @ 10am
5-28 Memorial Day NO SCHOOL
5-29 Good Will Games
5-30 Columbus Zoo Trip 9am
5-31 End of year Party
5-31 Gardening with Ms. Penn

This is the last week of homework!!!
 Math: Money/Time and Measurement
 Language Arts: Compare and Contrast
 Writing: Compare and Contrast
 Phonics: Synonyms/Antonyms/Homonyms
 Science: Plants and Gardening
 Social Studies: Long Ago (transportation,clothing, technology)

Gardening on Monday and Wednesday this week.

Next week we will be begin some end of the school year testing (STAR).

  • ·       Math: Money and Time
  • ·       Language Arts: Understanding Characters
  • ·       Writing:
  • ·       Phonics: Prefixes (re, un, dis)
  • ·       Science: Plant Readings
  • Social Studies: Long Ago/Today

Science Fair is May 2.  Parents may come see the cars after 3pm on that day.
Math: Money and Time
Language Arts: Text and Graphic Features
Writing: Face and Opinion Writing
Phonics: Diphthongs (oi, oy, ew)
Science: Plants and Seeds
Social Studies:  Long Ago

Science Fair Cars are due Wednesday April 25.

Field trip Tuesday April 24, 2018 in the afternoon to Slate Run. Please watch weather and dress appropriately!
April 9-13

·       Math: Two-Dimensional Geometry
·       Language Arts: Story Structure
·       Writing: Sequencing
·       Phonics: Vowel Diagraphs (oo, ea, au, aw)
·       Science: Plants Are Living Things
Social Studies: Schools Long Ago

Important Dates to Remember: 
April 13- CAPA- The Math Maniac Show 10am (1st Grade)
April 20- Earth Day (wear Green)
April 27- Early Release at 1pm
April 28- Princess Ball 6-8pm

Please remember to check students folder nightly and take paper out!

AR tests will be Monday or Friday. Some days I can fix them in during the week but sometimes I can't.
April 2-6

I hope that everyone enjoyed their spring break!

·       Math: Three-Dimensional Geometry (Chapter 11) and Two-Dimensional Geometry (Chapter 12)
·       Language Arts: Sequence Of Events
·       Writing: Sequence writing
·       Phonics: Vowel Pairs (ai, ay) (ea, ee) (ie, oe, oa)
·       Science: Different Plants
Social Studies: Long Ago
Week 25:

Focus for the week:
·       Math: Represent Data (Bar Graphs and Tally Charts)
·       Language Arts: Understanding Characters in Stories
·       Writing: Paragraphs
·       Phonics: Endings (s, es, ing, ed)
·       Science: Plants Are Living Things
Social Studies: Famous African Americans Class Report

Thursday March 1st, 2018- Conferences

Spirit Wear on Friday March 2, 2018

Black History Classroom Basket Auction is still going on :-)

Please remember to check your students folders nightly and take out papers.

Focus for next week:
 Math: Represent Data (reading and makinggraphs)
 Language Arts: Main Idea and Details
 Writing: A complete Paragraph
 Phonics: Contractions

No School Monday (Presidents' Day)
Friday is the Black History Program (remember to sign up if you are coming to lunch)
Math:  Measurement (Telling Time)
Language Arts: Understanding Characters
Writing: Number Words, Days of the Week, Months
Phonics: Consonant Digraph (Kn, Wr, Th, Ch)
Science: Animals and Their Homes
Social Studies: Rules and Laws

Please take graded papers out of students folders and backpacks. Some students have papers in their from before winter break.

February is Black History Month.

Important Dates:
2-5-18 Spirit Wear
2-16-18 No School (PD day for teachers)
Focus this week:
• Math: Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction (Unit 8)&Measurement (Unit 9)
• Language Arts: Story Structure
• Writing: Handwriting- Legibility (X, K, Z)
• Phonics: Consonant Blends (examples bl)
• Science: What Animals Need to Live
• Social Studies: Rules and Laws
1/1/5/18- No School
1/19/18- Spirit Wear
State Projects Due Monday January 22, 2018
Focus This Week:

  • Math: Compare Numbers (Less Than/More Than)
  • Language Arts: Main Idea and Details
  • Writing: Legibility (R, N, M, H)
  • Phonics: Compound Words
  • Science: The Sky
  • Social Studies: Where People Live
Welcome to the first full week in December!

Make sure you are practicing your songs for the holiday show as we begin our practices this week!
Please take your students papers out of theirfolders nightly!

Focuses this week:
 Math: Compare Numbers (less than, greater than,equal to)
 Language Arts: Author’s Purpose
 Writing: Legibility (S, B, P)
 Phonics: Review all Long/Short Vowels
 Science: Seasons/Sky
 Social Studies: Where People Live

Important Dates to Remember:
11/28/17- Popcorn due today
11/30/17- Box Tops Due
12/2/17- MDS Parents Social
12/5/17- Parent Enrichment
12/14/17- Holiday Show 6:30
12/19/17- Early Release
12/20/17- Winter Break Begins